What Should I Check First When My AC Is Not Working?

Not all air conditioner problems need the inspection of a professional. Sometimes, you can look out for signs and indicators that point out what the issue is. During these times, you should know what to search, in order to spot the problem. So, every homeowner must know about some of the general troubles with an air conditioning system. But at the same time, you should know when to contact a professional. So, in case of severe troubles, give a call to AC service in Trussville, AL, and state your queries. Now, take a look at some of the things you should check when your AC is not working.

1. Thermostat settings

Inspect the thermostat settings and ensure that it is set in ‘cool’. Sometimes, you might not have noticed that the thermostat has run out of batteries. Replace the batteries and try running your AC now.

2. Switch is OFF

Someone could have accidentally turned off the power switch. You never know. So, check whether the power switch is set to ‘on’. After this step, you can proceed to troubleshoot other issues.

3. Tripped circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is tripped when there is an overload of voltage. In case the breaker is indeed tripped, make sure to switch off other appliances. If the breaker is tripping even without a circuit overload, you need to contact AC maintenance in Trussville, AL. Have a professional check the issue and get it solved.

4. Bad relay

Relay is the component of your AC that supplies power to the compressor unit. When it is damaged or not working properly, the power to your compressor is cut off. As a result, the compressor will not function. Problems like these are solved best with the help of a professional, so make sure to contact one.

5. Clogged air filters

If you have left your air conditioning unit for long without a service or even a cursory cleaning, there is a high chance that the air filters are clogged with debris. Because of this, the air conditioner will blow air continuously, but it will not be cold. This issue can be resolved easily – you can remove the air filters and give them a thorough wash.

6. Refrigerant leak

Refrigerant helps in keeping the air blowing from your AC cool. When there is a refrigerant leak, your air conditioner will not be able to achieve the temperature set in the thermostat. Hire a technician from an AC service in Trussville, AL, and ask them to run a full check on your air conditioner.

7. Problem with coils

An air conditioner has two types of coil – an indoor and an outdoor coil. If the cooling effect is not up to mark, there is a chance that the filters are dirty. These coils help in the expulsion of heat from your home. So, when they are dirty, they will be unable to do so.

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