What Are The Signs Of A Bad Air Compressor?

During the summers, having a functioning air conditioner is essential. If it suddenly stops working, many people would be caught off guard. A properly functioning HVAC system relies on the proper operation of all of its components. Compressors for air conditioning are no different. Your air conditioner’s compressor is its heart. 

Your home’s cooling will start to suffer if it has any issues or malfunctions. Some signs can indicate a malfunctioning AC compressor, but many homeowners aren’t aware of them. A broken air conditioning compressor is among the issues and might need AC replacement in Trussville, AL.

Understanding an AC Compressor

Compressors in your air conditioner are in charge of heat transfer, which is how the cooled and conditioned air gets to all of your home’s rooms. It’s the part that circulates cool air throughout the system by pumping refrigerant throughout it. Refrigerant is needed to cool down the warm air that your air conditioner removes from your home. 

Refrigerant is a gas, so it needs machines to help cool the air. Air is cooled further by passing over liquid refrigerant and pumping through the compressor’s AC system. Once the temperature in your home reaches your thermostat setting, the compressor in your air conditioner will keep running until it does.

Most Evident signs of a failing AC compressor

You’re entitled to be concerned if the compressor pump in your air conditioner starts acting up. Here are four signs that your AC compressor needs repair:

  • Warm air

The most common sign that your compressor is failing is when your system blows warm air instead of cold air, even if the condenser appears to be operating properly. It indicates that the compressor can no longer pump refrigerant through the system because it has lost its cooling power.

  • Loud sounds

The AC compressor may be experiencing electrical issues if any of these noises are heard. If the fan or compressor rattles around inside the housing, this could be the cause. Over time, the compressor’s interior components are subject to damage and wear and tear, reducing its ability to perform at peak efficiency.

  • Leakage

An important function of a refrigeration unit is to cool air by compressing a chemical called refrigerant. Fluid can leak from the compressor’s bearings over time, resulting in a mess on the ground. In addition to damaging your air conditioning unit, this could also pose a serious health risk. If the fluid is dripping from the compressor, it’s time to search for an AC installation service near me.

  • Too much moisture

You may leak into your heating and air conditioning system if you notice moisture on or around your unit. In the case of puddles, escaping refrigerant is a common culprit. Compressor failure could occur if the refrigerant leaks and the system continues to operate without it.

Experts Can Help

If you’ve noticed signs of compressor failure in your home, don’t hesitate to call Campbell Air Conditioning. Any AC problem can be handled by our licensed, certified technicians around the clock. Call (205) 855-7855 or visit our website to schedule an appointment for AC replacement in Trussville, AL.