What AC Maintenance Should I Do in the Spring to Prepare for the Summer?

The ideal time to hire an HVAC specialist for an annual system servicing is spring. Suppose you postpone until the summer. You risk operating an inefficient AC unit and waiting longer for servicing because everyone else will want their systems serviced.

What will HVAC professionals do differently? We will inspect the refrigerant level and verify that all belts, blowers, and motors are in good operating order. While many aspects go into air conditioner maintenance, these are the essential items to look through on any air conditioner maintenance list while performing preventative AC maintenance in Trussville, AL.

  • Filter

This should be done on a very frequent basis, and it’s also really straightforward. Remember to wash or replace the filter every 30 to 90 days. Clogged air filters will suffer air quality, potentially leading to mold growth. These can make the coils on the unit freeze, in addition to causing air quality issues.

This forces your air conditioner to work much longer, resulting in a higher energy bill. This is one of the simplest elements of AC maintenance in Trussville, AL, and should be at the top of your priority list at all times.

  • Coils and Condenser

This is pretty important for individuals who do not cover their outside units during the off-season months. There might be a lot of buildup surrounding the condenser from leaves, grass cuttings, plants, and other waste. There is a possibility of mold development and pollen buildup as well.

Cleaning these parts should be done with extreme caution since you might damage the unit’s fins if you don’t. A light cloth combined with rapid bursts of bottled air is an excellent technique.

  • Lines for Coolant

The necessity of inspecting these lines is to verify that there is no heating or cooling loss since this would result in increased energy expenditures. Fortunately, inspecting the coolant lines is a simple task while performing AC service in Trussville, AL. Verify that all lines are fully covered in foam insulation tapes or covers.

  • Ductwork

Similarly, it is a good idea to inspect the ductwork in your system, especially if you have a forced-air heating system. These frequently share ducting with central air. The first step is to do a brief visual inspection. You should check all ducting for large dents or holes and the sealing to ensure it’s in good working order.

Taking Care of your Air Conditioner is the Coolest Option

With the air conditioning maintenance checklist in hand, you’ll have no trouble avoiding the approaching heat. You and your family may enjoy pleasant days and nights ahead. Even routine maintenance cannot always keep certain issues at bay. When these situations develop, the maintenance experts at Campbell Air Conditioning are your best option for any AC service in Trussville, AL.