Troubleshooting Tips When Your Heater Is Not Working

When you own a furnace or a heater, they make your life comfortable and easy when it’s cold. These machines might stop because of heavy use in the winter season. While these machines are running so frequently, they might run into problems sometimes.

You can learn some simple troubleshooting techniques to fix the heater easily or visit for a heating repair in Trussville, AL. However, here are tips that you can use to ease your troubling heater:

Change The Filters

Heaters often get damaged because of clogged or dirty filters. If your heater is not working or giving you a tough time, it is probably because the filter wasn’t changed or replaced regularly. It will also result in affecting the quality of your room’s air.

You should change the dirty filters to fix the heater because the dirty filters damage the heater’s airflow. You can fix this problem by either looking for the solutions in the heater manual or changing the whole set of filters.

Set The Thermostat At 90 Degrees

The maintenance of a thermostat is very underrated in any machine. Surprisingly, the thermostat needs repair and maintenance for the smooth functioning of operations. The wrong or faulty thermostat settings are one of the major issues for trouble in heaters.

You can fix the thermostat easily. If your heater is not functioning, set the thermostat at 90 degrees. You can reach out to us for heating repair in Trussville, AL, to get your thermostat fixed because your thermostat needs to read the right temperature to heat the room.

Reset The Heater

The fuse box of the heater supplies the power to the whole system and maintains the activity of the system. The other troubleshooting tip is to check this fuse box to see any breakage in the wires.

Some tripped breaks in the box can be resolved simply by resetting the system. A simple reset will help you troubleshoot the heater. However, if you still fail to do it, you can search for a heating technician near me and take professional help.

Reboot The Blower Or The Motor

The faulty upper limit or safety switch needs a professional hand, but when you are trying to troubleshoot the heater to fix the problem, you should focus on the system’s blower. Try to reset the blower or the motor to fix the problem.

You can search for a heating technician near me or heating repair in Trussville, AL, to get the whole system fixed. A professional hand will help you reset the system and make it work again efficiently.

Check The Carbon Monoxide Detector.

The damaged heating system will give bad smells in the room and make the air quality bad. There can be an issue with the gas tank, resulting in the leaking of the gas.

You should get everyone out of the room if you observe a gas leakage and switch off the whole system. The carbon monoxide detector must have gone off, and therefore, you need to shut the system to prevent further damage.

If you need a professional hand, we at Campbell help our customers to get their furnaces fixed to make their winters warm and less challenging. You can visit our homepage and get detailed information about professionals and book your appointment.