How to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

With an average high temperature of 90.2°F, July is the warmest month in Trussville. The two months of July and August can get pretty daunting in summer for Trussville people. As a result, it’s critical to keep the house at a comfortable temperature for your family’s health.

Here are a few summertime tricks and ways to keep your home cool.


Cross ventilation is made possible by strategically opening windows. The optimum times to enjoy the breeze are from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The air is pleasantly chilly at these times, and a natural breeze may be generated by opening windows, keeping the inside cool. Summer temperatures decrease, especially at night, so keep your windows open to let in the cool breeze.

Shut those Blinds

If you have windows that receive direct sunshine at any time of day, closing the blinds or drawing the curtains during at least the sunniest part of the day will help. If you have a room on a lower floor, consider tilting your blinds upwards to keep sunlight (and heat) out.

Green Around Your House

Planting shade trees and plants around your home will help prevent heat from seeping through the windows and roof, though the return may take a few seasons. And the end effect is lovely!

Service Your Air-Conditioner

If your air conditioner isn’t performing as well as it should, it’s time to replace the air filters. A blocked or filthy air filter makes your air conditioner work harder and influences your indoor air quality. This would cause allergies and poor heating, but it will also raise your electricity expenses. You can contact our AC maintenance at Trussville, Al, to clean your AC’s air filters and replace them.

Close the Doors

Close doors to empty rooms to retain the cool air where it’s needed the most. It stops cold air from seeping into areas of the house where it isn’t needed. It also reduces the amount of work required by your air conditioner to cool larger regions. Also, because a lot of cold air escapes via cracks and crevices around windows and doors, seal them completely.

Avoid Cooking Inside

When the weather gets hot, go outdoors and grill your meals rather than using the oven, which may significantly boost your home’s temperature. There are several methods to prepare a meal on the grill, ranging from pizza to roast meat. So get outside and try out some of the greatest food ideas that summer offers!


Keeping your home cool in the summer is essential for your health and comfort and that of your pets. However, while air conditioners are the go-to option for hot summer days, they may be pricey in terms of energy use. These are some methods to stay cool in the summer without turning on the air conditioner. Even if they don’t make your house as comfy as an air conditioner, they’re useful. While your HVAC unit will keep you cool this summer, it may require some maintenance from time to time. Contact our HVAC technician at Trussville, Al at (205)-427-7390  or visit our website.