How Often Do I Need an AC Tune-Up?

To keep your AC system functioning correctly and efficiently for as long as possible, regular inspection and tune-up by a professional company is an absolute must. Before you pay someone to manage your AC system, you should understand what to expect and how often you need a tune-up.

What Happens During an AC Tune-Up Visit?

Before arranging your HVAC tune-up, ensure that your qualified professional HVAC technician will conduct the following services:

  • Pressure and refrigerant levels are measured.
  • Calibrates the thermostat and ensures that the cycle and temperature are correct.
  • All electrical connections are inspected and tightened.
  • Examine the evaporator coil.
  • Examine the condensate drain.
  • Examines and cleans the condenser coil.
  • Tests and lubricates the condenser fan motor and blades as needed.
  • Checking the compressor amps.
  • Examine and adjust the blower motor.
  • Inspect performance in terms of safety and efficiency.
  • Replace the air filter.
  • Perform any necessary adjustments, repairs, and replacements of components.

How Often Does My AC Need a Tune-Up?

You must plan an AC tune-up with a reliable AC company at least once a year. However, it varies according to the age of your AC unit. If your unit is relatively new, a yearly check-up should suffice. However, if your home has an older system, you should have HVAC professionals come out twice a year for regular tune-ups. This way, you can ensure that your air conditioner is clean, that its parts are in good condition, and is running as efficiently as possible.

Signs your AC Needs a Tune-Up Service

Aside from the calendar, there are a few additional signs that you need a tune-up. Here are a few signs that the AC unit needs professional attention:

  • Unusual Sounds: When AC systems get old, they start making noises when they turn on and off. If you start hearing new or unexpected sounds, you should schedule an AC tune-up to ensure everything is in working order.

  • Poor Performance: It may take a long time for the house to cool down or never reach the ideal temperature. Although AC units typically take a bit longer to maintain optimal temperatures during the hottest months of the year, if the difference in cooling time is significant enough for the homeowner to notice, the AC unit needs a tune-up.

  • Higher Energy Bills: A spike in your energy bills is an obvious sign that your AC isn’t working efficiently. Scheduling a technician to diagnose the problem is definitely worth the long-term savings. If your system is old and inefficient, it may be time to call AC replacement in Trussville, AL, to replace it with a more energy-efficient system that will pay for itself in utility bills over time.

Benefits of AC Tune-Up Service

Some of the most significant benefits of getting your annual AC tune-up services are as follows:

  • Lower cooling bills.
  • Fewer risks of a breakdown.
  • Less costly repairs.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Extended AC lifespan.
  • Better air quality.
  • A more peaceful and comfortable office or house.

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