How Does an AC Compressor Get Damaged?

The last thing you want in the summer is to discover that your air conditioner is broken on a hot and humid day. Not all AC issues are that expensive, but your annual spending budget will undoubtedly take a hit if the cause is an AC compressor failure.

The good news here is that most problems can be avoided if they are treated early enough. To assist you in making an early diagnosis of the issue and to give you advice on what you can do to avoid it in the future, you can reach out to a trusted AC repair service in Trussville, AL.

1. Indications of an AC Compressor Failure

  • Poor Airflow

One of the initial signs of AC compressor failure is decreased airflow. If you believe your house is not cool enough, you might keep reducing the temperature to get more cool air while making it difficult to detect the change. 

Placing your hands beneath the vents is the best method to determine whether the airflow is weak. If you experience little to no airflow or warm air when it should be cool, your air conditioner’s compressor might malfunction. It would help if you treated it immediately by contacting an HVAC expert.

  • Refrigerant Leakage

Weak airflow, hissing noises, the water surrounding your HVAC unit, or the development of ice on the evaporator coils are all indicators of a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak should be fixed as soon as possible; it can cause other issues if left unattended. 

In the long term, it can result in compressor failure and affect the cooling function of your system. Hence it is recommended to get routine maintenance regularly for your HVAC system.

  • Strange and Loud Noises

You should be informed immediately if your HVAC system begins to make loud banging or growling noises and you observe sudden vibrations. This issue indicates a failure of the AC compressor. The compressor is having problems starting itself and is most likely to fail in the future based on these sounds. 

The compressor’s electrical parts failing is also signaled by the hammering sounds. Turn off your appliance and get in touch with a technician to have your system thoroughly inspected as soon as possible.

2. Working on an AC compressor

A high-temperature location moves heat toward an area with a low temperature. A similar idea is used for function air conditioners. The compressor in your air conditioner is primarily responsible for cooling. The refrigerant captures the heat from the evaporator. The refrigerant is then forced into the compressor, which loses volume and transforms into a liquid.  

A refrigerant becomes a high-pressure gas when it is compressed, which raises its temperature. The heat is then expelled outdoors after flowing to the condenser coil. Once more transformed into a liquid, it is directed toward the unit’s interior. To finish the refrigerant cycle, this procedure is performed again.

Choose Campbell Air Conditioning for Hassle-Free AC Repair and Service in Trussville, AL

So far, we have learned never to overlook any warning indications of AC compressor failure. The delay will worsen the situation rather than solve it. You might get it done by an HVAC technician so that preventative maintenance can be carried out if you cannot maintain your system. Doing this will resolve the underlying problems before they harm the compressor. For more information about AC service in Trussville, ALcontact us today!