How Do You Troubleshoot Your Amana Furnace?

Most homes have furnaces driven by gas, timber, or coal. A high-efficiency Amana heater is one type of gas furnace that provides heat. If your Amana furnace is not working accurately or not producing heat, try debugging to solve the problem.

Also, a filthy air filter or temperature differences are two issues that can arise with an Amana furnace. You can choose to contact a professional for heating repair in Trussville, AL, to get your filters tuned up.

How To Troubleshoot Your Amana Furnace?

Your furnace is one of the most intricate electrical appliances in your home. So when it stops functioning, there is no time to waste. Here is a troubleshooting checklist that can help you narrow down the problem.

Begin with the obvious when troubleshooting a furnace. Is your temperature sensor set to heat or cool? In such a case, make sure your heat setting is high enough to stimulate the heating system. Remember that your furnace must first heat up before turning on the blower. So, please be patient. Keep the temperature controller user guide close to the thermostat.

If your temperature sensor gets powered by batteries, the cells may be dead. On the monitoring screen of many intelligent thermostats, there is a flashing low battery icon. Replace the batteries if you see a low battery alert.

  • Is Your Furnace Toggle Operational?

Check to see if your furnace’s power button gets turned off if your thermostat is functioning. Look for the toggle positioned on the furnace’s edge. It could also be a standard wall-mounted light switch as some furnaces have a fused circuit.

  • Is there a Tripped Breaker in Your House?

If the switch of your heating system is on but the heating system still not works, you must check for a tripped fuse box. Next to the appropriate breaker, your circuit box should remain labeled Furnace or HVAC. If not, look for a tripped isolator and, if possible, reset it.

Bravo! If your heater now has power. However, be cautious as a tripped breaker and a charred fuse may indicate a significant problem with your thermal system that requires repair. It’s best to be safe and have it inspected by a licensed electrician or HVAC expert.

  • Is it Possible That Your Filters Are Congested?

Filters that are dirty and obstructed in the furnace are a common issue. Dust, hair, and other molecules get captured by air filters. They can constrain airflow through your furnace device if not changed regularly. Temperature and pressure can accumulate to dangerously high levels.

Newer models include detectors that prevent the furnace from running if the filters become clogged. Filters that are clogged also reduce airflow. Your heater may be able to heat the air but not exchange it. If this is the case, it will not be able to heat your home. Change the filters to see if that resolves the issue.

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