How Do You Stop Your Air Conditioner From Leaking Water?

A leaking air conditioner is a sign of poor maintenance. While a few drops of water are okay, a leaking air conditioner is a sure sign of damage. It can result from a host of problems that need to be identified for better efficiency. If your AC is leaking water, you need to look up AC repair in Trussville, AL, or AC service in Trussville, AL.

Why is your AC leaking water?

This could be due to several reasons. It could be due to clogged drains, which are often blocked by algae and mold. You could also check the filters for buildup. Cracked and overflowing drain pans can often lead to excess water leakage. AC filters need to be checked every two weeks for dirt, dust, pollutants, and any particulate matter. Leaks could also result from improper installation of the air conditioner.

How to stop your air conditioner from leaking water


1. Identify the Source of The Leak

Water leaks can occur due to multiple reasons in your air conditioner. Troubleshooting the air conditioner is important. It allows you to understand the severity of the problem causing the leak. If you feel that the problem is serious, you need to look up AC repair Trussville on Google. Getting to the root of the problem is pivotal to the efficiency of your air conditioner.

2. Regular Cleaning of AC Filter

Clogged AC filters can lead to several problems, including water leakage. This can result from frozen evaporator coils and reduce the indoor air quality. By investing time in changing your AC filters every two months, you can prevent a major problem. However, if the problem persists, you will need to clean the filter of your air conditioner. You need to be more diligent in summers as an AC works overtime to give you cooler temperatures.

3. Check For Clogged Drain Pipes

If you own a wet and dry vacuum, you can follow some tips to clean the clogged drain pipe. A solution of equal parts hots water and bleach and soap to clean the drain pipe. You can also use vinegar to clean the pipes. If you follow this religiously, you can kill any infestation of vermin, algae, and molds. If you find that your drain line is still clogged, you will need to call a professional for help. If you have a cracked drain pan, you need to replace it for better efficiency of the AC.

4. Is Your AC Installed Properly?

Improper maintenance and installation are major causes of excess water leakage from your AC. If you notice continuous unexplained water leakage, you need to look up a good AC service in Trussville, AL. AC installation requires expertise and training. If you try to fool around with the AC, it might lead to more expensive or hazardous.

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