How Do You Know If Your HVAC Is Still Under Warranty?

If your HVAC system is still under warranty, the needed repairs may be less challenging. Unless you had a new central AC deployed within the last year or so, you may not recall whether your HVAC unit is still under warranty.

However, if you have recently moved to a new home, you may not be aware of when you purchased the air conditioning unit or whether it is still under warranty. Hence, in this case, it is always advisable to call a heating technician near me to solve this problem.

How To Check If There Is Any Pending Warranty On Your HVAC System?

If you remember when you bought your HVAC equipment, you should find out if it is still under warranty. Many producers provide five to ten years of limited warranties on HVAC systems. However, if your heating equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee, it will most likely only cover components and not labor costs.

If you purchased the new HVAC system, the manufacturer or the retailer would have asked you to register it to “stimulate” your warranty. Registration is done using the included mail-in card or digitally. If you did not register your latest air conditioner, the HVAC warranty might have already been voided.

Here Are Some Tips to Check Your HVAC’s Pending Warranty –

  • Look for the records that came with your supply and installation of central air conditioning. If you preserved all of the documentation together, the warranty information should have been incorporated.
  • Some HVAC system manufacturers provide warranty lookup tools on their websites or by calling their customer service line. When you call or search online, bring your setup and information paperwork with you because you will most likely need details, including the serial number from your HVAC unit.
  • When you move to a different home, the former owner will frequently keep a list of key manuals, purchase and configuration information, and other paperwork. If they had the AC installed during their time in the house, the warranty details are almost certainly in the files alongside other home equipment paperwork.
  • Unfortunately, you may be out of fortune if the old owner did not list the purchase of their cooling equipment or if the warranty does not transition to any new landowner. If you don’t have any details on the HVAC unit or its setup, find the model number on your AC unit and make a mental note of the model. Then call the enterprise or distributor nearest you to see if your machine is still under warranty.

What Procedure To Follow If The Warranty Has Expired?

If you discover that your central HVAC system’s warranty has expired, is inadmissible, or did not transition to you as a new homeowner, you can purchase a whole house warranty. Numerous companies provide coverage ranging from basic HVAC, water tank, and pipework to just about every operating system and gadget in the house.

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