7 Signs You Have a Furnace Problem

There is a possibility that your furnace system might start working improperly if it runs continuously in the winter. Continuous and excessive working increases the workload on the furnace system. It can be exhausting for the heating unit and leads to the rise of new HVAC problems. 

One of the best methods to prevent the furnace problem from becoming an issue is to call our HVAC technician. If you are searching online for furnace installation companies near me, look no further than  Campbell Air Conditioning. Our technician will inspect the system and fix the issue. How do you know whether your furnace has a problem or not? 

Seven Signs That You Should Look Out For If Your Furnace Needs a Repair Service

1. Abnormal Smells

If you sense a gas smell from around the furnace, it can be due to leakage in the gas supply line. Abnormal smells from the furnace system can be due to various issues. You should call our technician for a quick inspection of the furnace system.

2. Difficulties in Operating The Furnace System

If starting and operating the furnace system seems hectic and frustrating, it means there is an issue causing the trouble. It can be due to a malfunctioning thermostat or electrical wiring issues.

3. Yellow or Orange Pilot Light

A pilot light should always glow blue, and if it is yellow or orange, it is an indication of carbon monoxide presence inside the unit.

4. Inadequate Heat

The furnace system’s efficiency and performance may degrade if the maintenance service is pending for several months. In the worst case, it can be due to issues in the heat exchanger or ignition system.

5. Strange Noises

HVAC systems are noisy, but if you hear unusual noises like banging, screeching, or hissing, it is best to contact our technician. It can indicate serious issues developing inside the system that may cause a breakdown.

6. Excessive Dust

If you find excessive dust on the furniture or an imbalance in the humidity scales, it might be due to issues in the airflow. You can try replacing the air filter or ask our HVAC contractor in Trussville, AL, for a duct cleaning service.

7. Tripped Carbon Monoxide Detector

Due to blockage in the exhaust flue, carbon monoxide gas enters your household and causes havoc. If the carbon monoxide detector on the furnace system has tripped down, turn off the furnace system and open the windows. Call our technician at the earliest.

In What Situation Should You Choose Replacement Over Repair Service?

Our HVAC contractor in Trussville, AL, suggests replacement is always better when an expensive repair service is required to fix the unit; and the furnace system is more than ten years old. If the repair cost is half the installation cost, it is better to replace it and install a new one. 


It is best to call our technician to fix the problem instead of waiting for winter to end or for the furnace problem to vanish in thin air. 

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