6 Common Problems With Older AC Units

Everyone owns an air conditioner because, without it, we cannot go through the hot summer season. Imagine what will happen in your home or office if your air conditioner malfunctions for a day or even a few hours. An air conditioner needs a replacement after a few years, irrespective of how much you spend on its expensive repairs. 

Problems That An Old Air Conditioner Causes

  • Ice Formation

Even a new air conditioner develops ice on its coils while working extensively during the season, but the frequency of ice formation on it is not as much as an old system.

Your one option is to regularly remove the ice from those coils or contact a technician to replace the system. You should contact services for repairs, maintenance, and AC replacement in Trussville, AL.

  • Lesser Refrigerant

The components of an old air conditioner are not efficient enough to do their basic functions properly. Since it is not efficient, it has to work for extra hours for your comfort.

It leads to excessive usage of refrigerant and its exhaustion. You will have to contact a technician regularly to refill your refrigerant levels, which can end up costing you more than you are wanting to spend.

  • Damage Due to Working

One of the reasons why air conditioners need a repair job from a professional is damage due to wear and tear. Wear and tear damage means the damage an AC faces by working excessively.

Since an old air conditioner is inefficient and has to work extra, it will face more wear and tear damage than a new or efficient air conditioner, so your unwanted expenditures will increase.

  • Wiring Issues

An air conditioner has hundreds of wires that circulate electricity and signals through them for the proper functioning of the system. However, as the system grows old and its components lose their working capacity, the wires face irreparable damage.

You cannot ask your technician to replace all the wires in your system. Damage to wires is extra dangerous for you and your home as they can invite fire hazards.

  • Hot Air

If your air conditioner has stopped producing cool air, it is an obvious and immediate sign that you need to replace your old system with a new one. An air conditioner that does not provide cool air is not worth your money.

It is not useful that you ask your technician to repair this issue and your air conditioner works well for a few days before it decreases its efficiency again.

  • Short Cycling or Continuous Working

An air conditioner has to work hard for your home to reach a comfortable temperature, but that does not mean it will work continuously for hours. 

These activities increase the damage to the system and your energy bills. If you do not want to pay extra on your energy and air conditioner repair bills, timely replace your system.


You should consult a trusted company when you plan to buy a new air conditioner, as the buying process has several steps that need professional guidance. You can trust the years of experience and skills Campbell Air Conditioning has for this job. Contact us for furnace service and AC service in Trussville, AL.