4 Simple Furnace Repair Tips

It is essential that homeowners must know some tips for repairing their furnaces. Knowing some of these effective tips and tricks, you’ll never have to worry about sudden system breakdowns. 

4 Simple Furnace Repair Tips

Your furnace should operate properly to ensure safety and comfort during the cold winter. According to HVAC contractors in Trussville, AL, simple maintenance checks can identify any issues that may develop in the system. 

1. Check The Thermostat Settings

  • Before calling a professional for heating repair in Trussville, AL, check the thermostat.
  • Check that the furnace switch is turned on in heat mode rather than cool mode.
  • Verify the temperature setting.
  • Set the temperature 5 degrees higher than the temperature in the room and observe whether the furnace starts.
  • The thermostat wires should be traced back towards the furnace to check for damage, especially when you’ve made any changes recently. If you discover a split on one of these wires, you can splice it back to the original wire and wrap it in electrical tape.
  • Recharge the battery. 
  • Open the thermostat, and then gently remove any debris or dust. Check that it’s securely anchored to the wall and that there are no hanging wires.
  • If you are unable to make the settings of your program function, you may be able to bypass them altogether. Enter the desired temperature using the up or down controls and hold the button. The switch will start the furnace if the thermostat is not working as it should.

2. Clean The Air Filters

  • A clogged furnace filter could cause the furnace to stop working. Dirty filters are one of the leading and frequently reported causes of furnace issues. 
  • The presence of dirt and dust can impede airflow. When the filter is congested, and the heat exchanger is blocked, it can overheat and stop working, so the house will not get warm. 
  • Change the filter if the furnace is operating but there isn’t any heat flowing out. 
  • A dirty filter can also cause soot to build over the exchangers, decreasing the furnace’s effectiveness and lifespan.

3. Check The Chimney Exhaust

  • Turn off the furnace and take the duct from where it can exit the furnace, and look for debris. 
  • Make sure you reassemble parts in the same sequence and the same direction as you removed them from.

4. Examine The Ductwork

  • Examine any ductwork and check for any gaps between sections or branches. Cover any gaps between sections of the duct. 
  • Do not use ordinary cloth duct tape, as it quickly degrades and can cause the ducts to leak. 
  • Be sure to check for handles that protrude through the ductwork
  • These are air conditioners or damper bypasses. Check that they’re open.

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