3 Things To Check-Out Before You Call For Air Conditioning Repair

The strenuous summer days can sometimes smack a perfectly working air conditioner in the house. The requirement for colder air during soaring temperatures is much higher when compared to the average year. It would be quite a miserable situation to find your AC busted just when you need it the most. The unforeseen loss of comfort can have you scrambling for an AC repair in Trussville, AL.

While it is a very generic reaction to panic after witnessing the out-of-the-blue adversity, a bit of troubleshooting can help. Following some basic troubleshooting steps could help you save the cost of an unwanted repair. However, if these options end in a deadlock, you may call an AC repair in Trussville, AL. Check the following simple fixes if you have an air conditioner breakdown –

1. Is The AC Receiving Power?

The reason for AC not cooling sufficiently could be as simple as not receiving an adequate power supply. If either the thermostat or the AC unit fails to get sufficient power, the compressor will not work efficiently. Also, if there are kids in the house, they might have experimented with the power switch. Inspect the power switch that will be located near the AC unit inside the house.

In addition to this, you must also inspect the circuit breakers or fuses before calling AC repair in Trussville, AL. These can get tripped or burned out due to overloading. The AC compressor outside the house also has its fuses and circuit breakers; make sure to check that too.

2. Problem With The Thermostat

Just like the power switch, someone in the house might have meddled with the thermostat settings. Set the thermostat to the cooling phase and the temperature lower than the current temperature of the house. Observe the change in the room temperature. If the matter persists, dial an AC repair in Trussville, AL.

3. Inspecting The Air Filter

Every so often, the air filter gets blocked because of debris resulting in restricted airflow. If the cool air cannot circulate properly due to a bad filter, the air conditioner may overwork. To locate the air filter, you might have to go through the user manual. Experts advise that the air filter be replaced every three months. The requirement can be more if you have pets in the house.

4. Common Causes For Repair

Shut down the AC completely when none of these remedies work. An older AC may also require a complete AC replacement in Trussville, AL. The problems listed need an AC repair –

  • A refrigerant leak or low level of refrigerant requires a repair
  • If the AC emits unpleasant odor such as burning
  • Immediately address unfamiliar sounds from the AC
  • Excessive humidity in the house

Did any one of these issues strike you? Campbell Air Conditioning is here to deliver outstanding repair services in Trussville and surrounding areas. It provides repair and other HVAC services such as maintenance, installation, and AC replacement in Trussville, AL. Call today at (205)-472-7390 and book a quality service for your AC.